Current Programs

RUHEPAI targets Women and Youth in rural communities to build their capacity to determine their own destiny through their own participation. RUHEPAI believes that every individual’s abilities can be nurtured and enhanced with the right information and tools to attain socio-economic transformation of their environment. Women and Youth form the most important segment of development and addressing their concerns leads to transformational changes required for sustainable development. RUHEPAI programs lay emphasis on learning, actions and practices that derive to desirable livelihoods as highlighted below.

Credit access for rural development (card) program

This promotes saving and credit approaches as a vehicle to poverty reduction focusing on access and utilization of credit for enterprise development and business establishment by women. Implemented among 120 women and youth groups in four sub-counties of Isingiro district in Western region of the country, the program is one of the strategies to experiment that saving and credit schemes are a proven potential for financial solution to people with low income levels especially women and youth. As a result, our rural women are able to meet basic needs particularly school fees, medical care, clothing and other household requirements.

Kanyisa program

This is a healthcare support initiative which addresses challenges women face in accessing healthcare and the associated financial costs of medical treatment and obtaining required information. Implemented in 34 villages of Birere sub-county; Isingiro district, the program empowers the participants with information, knowledge, skills and tools of healthcare access, utilization and delivery. The program further supports initiation of Income Generating Activities (IGAs) targeting promotion of healthcare saving at group and individual level so as to increase healthcare seeking behaviours of members served by the VHTs especially households.

Agricultural program

This supports provision of extension services manifested into farmer education, delivery of information and inputs as well as follow up and advisory services. Focus is put on site trainings and skills development of farmers at the grassroots to be equipped with information, knowledge, skills and tools of attaining sustainable development.

Women take the front: Gender and leadership advocacy program

This advocates for inclusion of women into market value chains so as to attain equal rights to economic resources. Focus is on creation of dialogue and formation of strategic partnerships that advance concerns of women at grassroot level.