Current Programs

RUHEPAI targets Women and Youth in rural communities to build their capacity to determine their own destiny through their own participation. RUHEPAI believes that every individual’s abilities can be nurtured and enhanced with the right information and tools to attain socio-economic transformation of their environment. Women and Youth form the most important segment of development and addressing their concerns leads to transformational changes required for sustainable development. RUHEPAI programs lay emphasis on learning, actions and practices that derive to desirable livelihoods as highlighted below.

Kanyisa Initiative:

It is a distinctive influential approach for healthcare access and utilization, promotes increased farm yields and household income. Kanyisa is a local word which translates as “accumulate” It facilitates business initiation and enterprise development to enable grassroot women and girls become self reliant as owners of resources that lead to financial gain and economic independence.

Sustainable Approaches for Farming and Environment (SAFE):

It lays emphasis on rural farmers resilience and adaptation to inclusive farming systems that advance climate smart agriculture in an effort to attain food production, conserve the environment and earn income.

Skills Acquire Connect (SAC):

It is a youth focused mentorship and training program that empowers girls and young women together with boys and young men with practical life survival skills with emphasis on hair dressing and sweater knitting that lead them to gain power to sustain their livelihoods and become self-reliant.

Lead Inspire Program (LIP):

It motivates and inspires women to actively engage and participate in leadership and decision making at various levels of community development. Also fosters rural women to defend their rights and eliminate gender based violence.

Teens Guide Project:

educates adolescent girls aged 13 – 24 years about HIV/AIDS and pregnancy prevention while equipping them with information, knowledge, skills on sexual reproductive health with integration of sweater knitting and hair dressing training.

Stay Trees Project:

promotes growing of trees to safeguard the environment and ensure household food security and income. It also advances climate smart agriculture with establishment of a tree nursery to constantly supply fruit tree seedlings to rural farmer households focusing on green fences as a mitigation measure for climate change effects and resilience.