Expansion: our growth manifests in size, scope and coverage as shown below:

• Coverage: we are currently covering two districts namely; Isingiro and Wakiso districts covering two sub-counties of Birere sub-county consisting of five parishes and 34 villages and Nyamuyanja sub-county consisting of 4 parishes and 25 villages.

• Scope: our scope stretches from participation, training and empowerment to equip our participants with necessary knowledge, information, skills and tools of getting out of poverty through their own participation.

• Size: we currently work with 1,737 farmers composed of 1,214 females and 523 males in the sub-counties of Birere and Nyamuyanja in Isingiro district.

Lasting impressions: our distinctiveness lies in our approaches that integrate concepts that leave a lasting impact on people's lives. These include:

• The memory tree concept which emphasizes fruit tree planting to conserve the environment.

• The Compound Album model focuses on utilization of compound land to plant fruits and grow vegetables to attain good diet and improve nutrition in the home.

• Farming as business emphasizes commercial farming through crop specialization, value addition, enterprise development and post harvest handling.

• Revolving Fund Scheme is a financial mechanism that guarantees recirculation of money within the group where money is renewed as it is used leading to accumulation and growth of people's saving.

• Rotational Labour Groups entails teamwork to get work done fast and quickly while learning and adopting from each other.

• Demonstrations focus on hands on learning and skills development to ensure adoption and adaptation of improved farming techniques.

Our Partnerships and Networks: we ensue to build partnerships and networks that manifest into long term relationships. These include:

• All We Can (Methodist Relief and Development)

• Irish Methodist World Development and Relief

• Feed the Minds – UK

• Stay Foundation – Germany

• Exchange – Belgium

• Aidlink – Ireland

• Cordaid – Netherlands

• Stop Aids Now (SAN)! – Netherlands

• African Women Development Fund (AWDF)

• Peace child international – UK

• United States Peace Corps

• Isingiro district

• Wakiso district

• Rural Farmers